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LE0376 Bronze Titanium Reading Glasses: Precision Meets Elegance

LE0376 Bronze Titanium Reading Glasses: Precision Meets Elegance Item NO.: LE0376_Bronze

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US$ 44.60
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Product Name LE0376 Bronze Titanium Reading Glasses: Precision Meets Elegance
Item NO. LE0376_Bronze
Shape Round, Oval
Frame Width L (136-145mm)
Material Titanium
Color Bronze
For Progressive / Bifocal Available
Weight 0.03 kg = 0.0661 lb = 1.0582 oz
Category Womens Glasses > Womens Titanium Glasses
Creation Time 2024-03-26

LE0376: The Ultimate Bronze Titanium Glasses for Readers

The LE0376 titanium reading glasses are the epitome of sophisticated eyewear, merging cutting-edge technology with classic style. These bronze-toned frames are an elegant choice for the discerning reader who values both form and functionality. Crafted with the lightness and strength of titanium, these glasses are designed to provide unparalleled comfort and durability. The soft oval shape complements a variety of face shapes, while the subtle bronze finish adds a touch of understated luxury.

In each pair of LE0376 titanium reading glasses, there lies a promise of clarity and comfort. These glasses are perfect for those who spend hours with books, tablets, or any other reading material. For added convenience, you can choose lenses that suit your lifestyle, whether it's Blue Light Glasses to protect against screen glare, Progressive Reading Glasses for multitasking, or Photochromic Sunglasses that adjust to changing light conditions. Embrace the blend of timeless aesthetics and modern functionality with these exquisite reading glasses.

 * Comfortable View Tips: 

(1). Premium/Elite Lenses: Provide clearer vision, are lightweight, and offer added comfort. If you have the budget, consider our Premium_1.67 or Elite_1.74 high-end lenses.
(2). If SPH ≥ -4.00: Choose 1.67 or 1.74 High-index lenses.

Lens Type
RX Range
Basic_1.56 - Middle Index for prescription below +/-2.00
15% thinner & lighter
Standard_1.60 - High Index 
for prescription above +/-2.00
25% thinner & lighter, better vision
Premium_1.67 - High Index 
for prescription above +/-4.00
35% thinner & lighter, better vision
Elite_1.74 - High Index 
for prescription above +/-5.00
50% thinner & lighter, best vision

 All our lenses come with Scratch-Resistant, Anti-Reflective, and UV380 coatings at no extra cost.  



Great! Did exactly what was promised.