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LE0381 Gold Frameless Glasses - Titanium Craftsmanship

LE0381 Gold Frameless Glasses - Titanium Craftsmanship Item NO.: LE0381_Gold

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US$ 41.66
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Product Name LE0381 Gold Frameless Glasses - Titanium Craftsmanship
Item NO. LE0381_Gold
Shape Round, Rimless
Frame Width L (136-145mm)
Material Titanium
Color Gold
For Progressive / Bifocal Available
Weight 0.03 kg = 0.0661 lb = 1.0582 oz
Category Womens Glasses > Womens Titanium Glasses
Creation Time 2024-03-26

LE0381 Gold Glasses: The Apex of Frameless Design

The LE0381 frameless glasses are not just a piece of eyewear; they are a testament to the blend of art and engineering. Crafted from robust titanium and finished with a lustrous gold coating, these glasses are the hallmark of luxury and functionality. The rimless design creates an illusion of transparency, as if the lenses float before your eyes, offering an unimpeded field of vision that is as expansive as it is clear.

The delicate gold arms are designed not only for an aesthetic appeal but also for an allergy-free experience, courtesy of the hypoallergenic electroplating. The adjustable nose pads guarantee a comfortable fit, tailored to the unique contours of your face. Whether it's the sharp focus required for Reading Glasses or the seamless transition afforded by Progressive Reading Glasses, the LE0381 glasses are compatible with an array of lens types. For those facing long hours at the computer, Computer Glasses can be fitted to protect against blue light, while Photochromic Sunglasses lenses offer a practical solution for varying light conditions, morphing effortlessly to suit your environment.

In this era where style meets technology, the LE0381 frameless glasses stand out as a versatile accessory, equally suited to both fashion-forward individuals and those requiring the precision of High Prescription Glasses. They offer a balance of understated elegance and practical sophistication, ensuring that your vision remains as impeccable as your style. With the LE0381, you don't just wear glasses; you don an icon of refined taste.

 * Comfortable View Tips: 

(1). Premium/Elite Lenses: Provide clearer vision, are lightweight, and offer added comfort. If you have the budget, consider our Premium_1.67 or Elite_1.74 high-end lenses.
(2). If SPH ≥ -4.00: Choose 1.67 or 1.74 High-index lenses.

Lens Type
RX Range
Basic_1.56 - Middle Index for prescription below +/-2.00
15% thinner & lighter
Standard_1.60 - High Index 
for prescription above +/-2.00
25% thinner & lighter, better vision
Premium_1.67 - High Index 
for prescription above +/-4.00
35% thinner & lighter, better vision
Elite_1.74 - High Index 
for prescription above +/-5.00
50% thinner & lighter, best vision

 All our lenses come with Scratch-Resistant, Anti-Reflective, and UV380 coatings at no extra cost.  



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