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LE0400 Geometric Glasses in Gunmetal and Titanium

LE0400 Geometric Glasses in Gunmetal and Titanium Item NO.: LE0400_Gunmetal

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US$ 45.78
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Product Name LE0400 Geometric Glasses in Gunmetal and Titanium
Item NO. LE0400_Gunmetal
Shape Geometric, Round
Frame Width L (136-145mm)
Material Titanium
Color Gunmetal
For Progressive / Bifocal Available
Weight 0.03 kg = 0.0661 lb = 1.0582 oz
Category Womens Glasses > Womens Titanium Glasses
Creation Time 2024-04-01

LE0400: Gunmetal Geometric Precision in Titanium Frames

The LE0400 Geometric Glasses redefine the intersection of art and vision with their gunmetal finish and precise geometric contours. These frames embody a sleek sophistication, crafted from durable titanium and designed with a keen eye for the detail-oriented individual. The subtle blend of classic round lenses with modern geometric angles creates a pair of glasses that is as unique as it is functional.

With their distinct shape, these geometric glasses serve as the focal point of a refined style, seamlessly integrating into both professional and casual wardrobes. The gunmetal hue adds a contemporary edge, making these frames a standout choice for those who appreciate the fusion of innovation and tradition in their eyewear. As adjustable glasses, they promise a personalized fit, ensuring comfort throughout the day. Whether utilized as Progressive Reading Glasses for dynamic visual acuity or as Blue Light Glasses to alleviate eye strain from screens, the LE0400 is versatile and ready to cater to your vision needs.

Choose the LE0400 for a vision experience that’s tailored to modern life. These geometric glasses are not only a means to better sight but also an expression of personal style. They’re compatible with a variety of lens options, such as High Prescription Glasses for those requiring stronger correction, and as Non Prescription Glasses for an effortless style statement. The LE0400 is an essential accessory for anyone seeking to add a touch of geometry to their everyday look.

 * Comfortable View Tips: 

(1). Premium/Elite Lenses: Provide clearer vision, are lightweight, and offer added comfort. If you have the budget, consider our Premium_1.67 or Elite_1.74 high-end lenses.
(2). If SPH ≥ -4.00: Choose 1.67 or 1.74 High-index lenses.

Lens Type
RX Range
Basic_1.56 - Middle Index for prescription below +/-2.00
15% thinner & lighter
Standard_1.60 - High Index 
for prescription above +/-2.00
25% thinner & lighter, better vision
Premium_1.67 - High Index 
for prescription above +/-4.00
35% thinner & lighter, better vision
Elite_1.74 - High Index 
for prescription above +/-5.00
50% thinner & lighter, best vision

 All our lenses come with Scratch-Resistant, Anti-Reflective, and UV380 coatings at no extra cost.  



Discover the avant-garde with LE0400 Geometric Glasses. The gunmetal sophistication combined with titanium's resilience offers an unparalleled eyewear experience.